Executive Committee

The executive committee of ADOA (during its initial period of operation) consisted of a dedicated team of elected volunteers from the local dog owners community. We are in the process of appointing new members to our executive committee. Please contact us with any inquiries regarding the status of the board and for more information on new members.

Previous Chairman and Founding Member: Rob Kirby

The parent of two shepherd mixes, Basil and Cybill, Rob has spent his time in New York City looking for ways to help the animal community in general. Frustrated with the lack of an adequate dog run, Rob (and his wife Erin) joined others in the community in the effort to build a new dog run. A chef by day (or more accurately, night), Rob is a native of the Boston area, a diehard Patriots fan, and enjoys cooking, and traveling. Rob previously served as the Vice Chairman of ADOA.

Previous Vice Chairwoman and Founding Member: Erin Kirby

A native of the Boston area, Erin relocated to NYC for graduate school. While she is professionally a cognitive neuroscientist and Ph.D. student, Erin also has a passion for animals. In addition to being the proud “parent” of dogs Basil and Cybill, and cats Sage and Mas, she and her husband (Rob) have served as foster parents for dogs and cats NYC area, and volunteer with Friends with Four Paws animal rescue. In her spare time, she enjoys rooting for her hometown sports teams, traveling, playing guitar, and reading (especially about animal cognition!). Erin previously served as the Media and Marketing Secretary of ADOA.

Previous Treasurer and Founding Member: Pat Devers

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Pat is new to Astoria. He is proud Ohio State Buckeye and avid Cleveland sports fan. Pat joined the group after becoming frustrated with the lack of a fenced-in dog park for his young pup Darla, who had a huge park in their previous neighborhood (which had fewer residents than Astoria has dogs). Pat and Darla can be found most days at Socrates or Rainey Park, or at home with Pat’s wife Antoinette and their 16-year-old cat Aurora.

Additional Founding Members

Bill Peloquin [Previously Chairman]:

Robert Kirby, Chairman

Pat Devers, Treasurer

Erin Kirby, Vice Chairwoman

Shauna O’Toole [Previously Media and Marketing Co-Secretary]

Chrisanne Grise [Previously Meetings Secretary]

Michael McKinstry [Previously Community Secretary]


Our core committee is assisted greatly by many community members, and their help has been, and continues to be, invaluable in this process. If you are interested in joining the Astoria Dog Owners Association as a volunteer, please visit our section outlining how to get involved. 

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